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Women With A Large Shoe Size Do Have Options

If you are a woman with a large foot, you might find it difficult to find shoes that fit properly. That can mean suffering from tired legs and feet or suffering in silence with cramped toes. For dress shoes, you will need to shop at boutiques or shoe outlets that cater to large-size women’s shoes. These outlets can be pricey because they know your feet are hard-to-fit. But, if you are in the market for a pair of athletic or casual shoes, shopping in the men’s department is a viable option.

Aren’t Men’s Shoes Too Wide?

Men’s shoes are wider than women’s shoes, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily a bad fit for you. Women’s shoes are wider at the toe and narrow at the heel to accommodate the natural shape of women’s feet, while men’s shoes tend to be wider cut overall. For women with average width feet, this can mean that men’s shoes are too wide or that they fit in the toe, but slip on the heel. However, if you have both long and wide feet, men’s shoes may actually fit you better than women’s shoes, explains Livestrong.

Can You Wear Shoes That Are Too Wide?

Wearing shoes that are too wide will not be comfortable, but if the shoe is only loose in the heel, there is a way to tighten up the shoe so that it is more comfortable for you. Lace your shoes as usual until you get to the last two holes. Do not cross the laces at this point. Thread the laces through the last two eyelets on the same side. This will create a tiny loop. Cross the laces and thread them through the loop on the opposite side. Pull the laces snug and tie them as usual. This will secure the shoe tightly at the ankle and prevent your heel from slipping.

Isn’t the Arch in Men’s Shoes in the Wrong Place for Women?

The midsole of men’s and women’s shoes is built differently, due to the expected weight and muscle differences between men and women. Generally, the midsole on women’s shoes are lighter and more flexible to accommodate for their lighter weight, while men’s shoes have a heavier and more rigid midsole. However, if you are athletic or plus sized, the rigid midsole in men’s shoes may not be an issue for you.

Won’t Wearing Men’s Shoes Make Your Feet Look Bigger?

Many men’s shoes do appear blockier or bulkier, which can make your feet look larger, but that isn’t always the case. Some men’s shoes don’t look much different from women’s shoes. Streamlined styles in light colors won’t make your feet look any bigger than women’s athletic or running shoes.

What Other Styles of Men’s Shoes Can Women Wear?

You can wear any men’s shoe that appeals to you and fits your foot comfortably. You may find men’s slip-on shoes, boat shoes, sandals, flip flops, and a wide variety of casual shoes that fit your feet and look good too. Some men’s boots will also fit comfortably and look similar to women’s boots.

What Are the Options for Dress Shoes?

You will need to visit a boutique or shoe shop that specializes in large women’s shoes if you are looking for dressy or stylish shoes. Fortunately, there are many that cater to the needs of women who wear a larger shoe size. If you decide to order large women’s shoes online, make sure you measure your feet and compare the measurements to the outlet’s shoe size chart, as the sizes may vary.

Whether you choose to purchase men’s shoes or shop for large women’s shoes at a store like Autograf New York Inc, make sure the shoes fit your feet well and are comfortable to wear.