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Salon Equipment: Five Essential Pieces To Include In Your Wholesale Package

If you’re planning to purchase wholesale salon equipment, from locations like Wholesale Salon Equipment, for your spa or beauty salon, you’ll find plenty to choose from. Depending upon the size of your spa and the services you offer, you’ll probably need a reception desk, styling chairs, pedicure spa chair and styling station, just to name a few.

Your Custom-Made Package

When buying wholesale equipment for your salon or spa, complete packages could save you money. The nice feature of buying wholesale packages is the option to create your own according to your needs. These five must-have pieces of equipment should be included in your beauty salon package:

1. Reception Desk

When choosing your reception desk, you’ll need to consider size, color and materials, all of which should complement your salon environment. Because your reception desk will be the first impression for your clients, its aesthetic appeal is important. However, practicality is a must.

Do you want your desk to hold sample beauty supplies offered for sale? If so, choose a desk with a transparent glass, to enable clients to view your offerings. Height is important as well, as anything too high may prevent customers from making a comfortable business transaction.

The desk should also have a storage compartment with lock, for securing checks and cash. In addition, choose a reception desk with a riser for holding your computer monitor, as well as a pull-out keyboard tray. Ample writing space is also important.

2. Styling/Shampoo Chairs

Your wholesale package might include anywhere from 4-7 chairs. To decide the number of chairs you’ll need, consider the size of your styling area and how many clients you may have at any given time. Here are some features to look for in your styling chairs:

  • A powder-coated chrome hydraulic base: The hydraulic pump system will allow you to easily adjust the chair height. The height should adjust to various sizes, to accommodate your clients as well as the individual heights of your stylists. Powder coating will prevent rust and corrosion.

  • Synthetic or genuine leather materials: The choice is yours. Genuine leather will cost considerably more, but for high-end salons, this option offers the best aesthetics. Vinyl may be more practical, as it tends to hold up better under constant use. Vinyl is much easier to wipe clean as well.

  • Footrests and arm rests: Be sure these are well padded for comfort.

  • Lumbar support: All chairs should have cushioned back rests.

  • Built-in massage and heat: Yes, you may find these options available for your styling chairs. While it is not the most practical for basic needs, a high-end spa might utilize this feature as an added luxury.

  • Adjustable recline: This is a must for shampooing. Chairs that only recline to a 45 degree angle might be fine for use with a high basin. However, if your shampoo basins are low, consider chairs that recline to 20 degree angles.

3. Pedicure Spa Chairs

You may only need two or three for a small salon, or several for a larger area. A padded vinyl or leather chair that sits on a wooden base is aesthetically pleasing and durable. The wood base might include storage space underneath to hold pedicure supplies. For ease of use, choose a model that does not require plumbing hook-ups.

Some pedicure spas include a detachable, portable foot bath. Look for options such as heat function and vibration. Because individual foot sizes differ, be sure the foot bath is extra deep.

When choosing your pedicure spa chairs, you’ll want to consider sanitation methods. Choose a model that utilizes disposable liners. This will free you from having to use chemicals to disinfect.

4. Manicure Tables

If your salon offers manicures, your salon wholesale package should include a few highly functional manicure tables. Your options may include a folding table that stores away easily when not in use, a fixed table that remains stationary, or a portable table on wheels for easy mobility. Consider the space you have to work with and decide accordingly.

Your manicure table should include a hand-soaking bowl, electrical outlets for a power strip, and compartments for accessories such as nail polish and lotions. Padded arm rests for the client’s comfort is a must.

5. Styling Stations

Basically, your salon styling stations will contain electrical outlets for your styling equipment, cut-out holders for hand-held hair dryers and bottom drawers for storing styling products and tools. A large mirror is another important feature to look for. You might choose solid wood materials, or a simulated wood laminate, which is durable and warp-resistant.

As a final note, when creating your wholesale salon package, choose equipment that is pre-assembled or easy to assemble. Equipment that requires a lot of assembly could be aggravating and time-consuming.

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