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How To Create The Perfect Holiday Outdoor Hot Tub Party For Your Guests

Just because the weather’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your outdoor hot tub for the holidays. Unless it snows uncontrollably or hits below freezing outside, you can still throw the perfect hot tub party for your friends and family. You just need to know how. Here are two things you can do to keep the outdoor area around your hot tub warm and toasty for your holiday party.

Cover the Area with a Wind-proofed Gazebo

You may want to cover the hot tub and the area around it with a windproof gazebo. This type of outdoor gazebo keeps wind and drizzling snow from blowing or falling on your hot tub and guests. But before you buy just any windproof gazebo, you need to look for one with specific features like these below:

  • Comes with four strong legs and anchoring equipment – These features keep your gazebo from blowing away once the winds pick up. The anchoring equipment should be strong enough to support the weight of the gazebo on cement, or sturdy enough to penetrate the soil around your hot tub when placed on natural ground.
  • Features thick material as the covering – The material that covers the sides of the gazebo should be thick and strong enough to withstand wind and snow. You may want to choose a gazebo for your hot tub party that covers 2-3 sides as added protection against the elements.
  • Contains a vent on the top – You may have to shop around online or at your local home and gardening store to find a gazebo with this feature, but a vented product allows fresh air to come in to the area and smoke to leave it when you use an outdoor fireplace or heater.

Once you find the perfect gazebo that keeps wind and snow out of the hot tub’s area, it’s time to get your outdoor fireplace.

Warm Up the Party Area with an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can be a party-saver when it comes to your hot tub festivities. This type of heating appliance is ideal for keeping cold air at bay. It also creates a comfortable and safe environment around the hot tub. Your guests may feel safer because of the fireplace’s light.

The fireplace you choose should operate with propane. Propane doesn’t give off harsh odors and it burns clean when you use it. These features help protect your guests while they enjoy the hot tub inside the gazebo.

The natural fuel also lasts long, which works out great if you plan to stay up late with the party. You may want to order your fuel from a propane dealer near you to get the fuel faster. Most gas stations, hardware stores, and retailers with home and garden sections offer propane all year long.

Otherwise, you can check out natural fuel suppliers online and order it that way. If you decide to order the fuel online, be sure to do so several weeks before your party. This gives it plenty of time to arrive in time for the holidays.

Keep in mind that the fireplace’s surfaces can get hot enough start a fire, especially if it gets too close to the gazebo’s material. It’s best to place the fireplace in an area of the gazebo that doesn’t contain a covering to prevent this problem. In addition, place the fireplace at least 3 feet away from the hot tub and other places your guests will frequent, for safety.

You don’t have to avoid your hot tub until the weather warms up. With the right ideas and preparations, you can use it for your special parties all year long. Consider speaking with hot tub manufacturers to see what other cold weather accessories they recommend.

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