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Planning A Destination Wedding In Las Vegas? Tips To Make It As Memorable As Possible

Planning a wedding is exciting. If you’re planning a destination wedding, it can be overwhelming. As you finalize the plans for your Las Vegas getaway, consider some of the unique features that the city offers to make it a memorable occasion. Here are some tips to help you make your Las Vegas wedding the iconic and unforgettable event that you’ve dreamed of.

Keep Everyone Together

Las Vegas is a busy city, particularly on the strip. Since travel can be costly and time-consuming, you’ll want to make it easy for everyone by having all of your friends and family stay at the same resort. In fact, when it comes to the memories that you’ll make during your wedding, some of the best are likely to be the times you spend gathering at the pool or in the casinos. When everyone’s staying at the same resort, you have more opportunities to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate your nuptials.

When you make the decision to have everyone stay on the same property, call ahead and see about booking a group rate. By booking in advance and in large numbers, you can secure a block of rooms in a resort on the strip at a volume discount.

Book Early to Ensure Availability

Las Vegas is a hotspot for vacations and the resorts book up fast. In addition, various rodeos, concerts and other events draw crowds and lead to sold-out hotels. As soon as you decide that you want a destination wedding in Las Vegas, you should book a block of rooms right away. This ensures that there’s availability for your family and friends to be there with you.

Book a Suite

With the popularity of weddings in Las Vegas, most resorts have unique suites dedicated to newlyweds. In many cases, these suites aren’t publicized as available for booking, so you’ll have to ask for them specifically. If you’re going to get married in a Las Vegas wedding, booking a honeymoon suite at one of the large resorts will make the experience more memorable.

Plan Group Events to Celebrate Together

Of all of the wedding destinations, Las Vegas is a prime area for group events. There are many experiences that you can all enjoy together in Las Vegas, including downtown zip-lines, helicopter tours, and more.

Most of the resort facilities in Las Vegas can even help you work out group transportation to many of the popular tourist destinations. If you want to make a true destination experience of your Las Vegas wedding, this is the way to do it. Consider including an itinerary of the sites you plan to visit so that your loved ones can plan which destinations to visit.

Choose a Venue as Unique as Your Relationship

In addition to the traditional Elvis Chapel weddings at sites like, there are many other unique wedding options that you could consider in Las Vegas. Party Bus weddings involve gathering your entire wedding party and guests on a bus that travels the strip. Ghost town weddings occurring at destinations just outside of the Las Vegas city limits are also popular.

There are also options for weddings in a helicopter circling the city or for a ceremony on a resort pool deck in the evening air. Consider your options carefully and choose a wedding ceremony that will truly represent who you are as a couple and how you wish to start your life together.  

Destination weddings give you the opportunity to experience events and places that you may not have otherwise seen. This can make your wedding more memorable, both for you as well as your family and friends. When you get married in Las Vegas, your wedding will be far more than just a ceremony and reception – it will be a complete experience.

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