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Women With A Large Shoe Size Do Have Options

Posted by on Dec 15, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Women With A Large Shoe Size Do Have Options

If you are a woman with a large foot, you might find it difficult to find shoes that fit properly. That can mean suffering from tired legs and feet or suffering in silence with cramped toes. For dress shoes, you will need to shop at boutiques or shoe outlets that cater to large-size women’s shoes. These outlets can be pricey because they know your feet are hard-to-fit. But, if you are in the market for a pair of athletic or casual shoes, shopping in the men’s department is a viable option. Aren’t Men’s Shoes Too Wide? Men’s shoes are wider than women’s shoes, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily a bad fit for you. Women’s shoes are wider at the toe and narrow at the heel to accommodate the natural shape of women’s feet, while men’s shoes tend to be wider cut overall. For women with average width feet, this can mean that men’s shoes are too wide or that they fit in the toe, but slip on the heel. However, if you have both long and wide feet, men’s shoes may actually fit you better than women’s shoes, explains Livestrong. Can You Wear Shoes That Are Too Wide? Wearing shoes that are too wide will not be comfortable, but if the shoe is only loose in the heel, there is a way to tighten up the shoe so that it is more comfortable for you. Lace your shoes as usual until you get to the last two holes. Do not cross the laces at this point. Thread the laces through the last two eyelets on the same side. This will create a tiny loop. Cross the laces and thread them through the loop on the opposite side. Pull the laces snug and tie them as usual. This will secure the shoe tightly at the ankle and prevent your heel from slipping. Isn’t the Arch in Men’s Shoes in the Wrong Place for Women? The midsole of men’s and women’s shoes is built differently, due to the expected weight and muscle differences between men and women. Generally, the midsole on women’s shoes are lighter and more flexible to accommodate for their lighter weight, while men’s shoes have a heavier and more rigid midsole. However, if you are athletic or plus sized, the rigid midsole in men’s shoes may not be an issue for you. Won’t Wearing Men’s Shoes Make Your Feet Look Bigger? Many men’s shoes do appear blockier or bulkier, which can make your feet look larger, but that isn’t always the case. Some men’s shoes don’t look much different from women’s shoes. Streamlined styles in light colors won’t make your feet look any bigger than women’s athletic or running shoes. What Other Styles of Men’s Shoes Can Women Wear? You can wear any men’s shoe that appeals to you and fits your foot comfortably. You may find men’s slip-on shoes, boat shoes, sandals, flip flops, and a wide variety of casual shoes that fit your feet and look good too. Some men’s boots will also fit comfortably and look similar to women’s boots. What Are the Options for Dress Shoes? You will need to visit a boutique or shoe shop that specializes in large women’s shoes if you are looking for dressy or stylish shoes. Fortunately,...

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3 Birthday Gifts Ideas For The Stressed Out Wife In Your Life

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While stress is typically a part of everyone’s life, it can have serious health effects without proper management. Stress can result in the development of disease, put unneeded stress on the heart, and even have a negative impact on the immune system overall. So when it comes to deciding on a gift for your stressed wife’s birthday, consider something unique that will help melt her stress away and invigorate her sense of peace. And you as well as the kids are sure to benefit from a less-stressed wife at home! Here are three awesome stress-relieving gift ideas to consider: A Yoga Retreat Yoga doesn’t require any expertise or experience, and it’s an effective way to reduce stress levels as well as lower blood pressure levels by incorporating both mental and physical disciplines with one another. Yoga utilizes various breathing control techniques to help quiet the body and mind, and most forms include meditation techniques that can be used outside of yoga for stress reduction. Practicing yoga to improve mental and physical strength is sure to help your wife find some extra peace in her life and learn how to relax on a more regular basis at home. Gifting your wife with a vacation to a yoga retreat center is a great way to introduce her to the practice or to encourage her to expand her current practice if she’s already into yoga. She’ll have an opportunity to get away from it all, spend some quality time with herself, meet other like-minded people who value stress-free living, then head home rejuvenated and armed with new stress-reduction yoga techniques to use in her everyday life. A “Staycation” at Home Alone If your household is usually filled with activity whether due to kids, pets, or general responsibilities, consider surprising your wife with a quiet “staycation” at home alone for the weekend, or at the very least for a whole day. Send the kids to their grandparents’ or friends’ houses, find sitters for the pets, and hire a cleaning service to scrub your home from top to bottom, and fill the kitchen with indulgent snacks and refreshments your wife will enjoy while she relaxes at home alone. Make sure that there aren’t dirty clothes, cluttered counters, or half-done chores for your wife to face during her mini-vacation alone at home. Put together an entertainment package for her to enjoy that includes books, magazines, movies, and music soundtracks that she can utilize during her time alone. With any luck, she’ll feel like a new person once everyone starts occupying the household again after her break. A New Bedroom Paint Job Another great way to surprise your stress-filled wife for her birthday is to give the bedroom a new paint job. Painting your bedroom’s walls will give the space a newer and cleaner look that is sure to brighten your wife’s mood, and give her a fresh place to spend personal time where she can relax, read a book, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the household’s activity. The colors you choose for the room can have a significant effect on the moods of yourself and your wife while spending time there – consider using one or more of the following options: Invoke a sense of peace and happiness with accents of...

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Salon Equipment: Five Essential Pieces To Include In Your Wholesale Package

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If you’re planning to purchase wholesale salon equipment, from locations like Wholesale Salon Equipment, for your spa or beauty salon, you’ll find plenty to choose from. Depending upon the size of your spa and the services you offer, you’ll probably need a reception desk, styling chairs, pedicure spa chair and styling station, just to name a few. Your Custom-Made Package When buying wholesale equipment for your salon or spa, complete packages could save you money. The nice feature of buying wholesale packages is the option to create your own according to your needs. These five must-have pieces of equipment should be included in your beauty salon package: 1. Reception Desk When choosing your reception desk, you’ll need to consider size, color and materials, all of which should complement your salon environment. Because your reception desk will be the first impression for your clients, its aesthetic appeal is important. However, practicality is a must. Do you want your desk to hold sample beauty supplies offered for sale? If so, choose a desk with a transparent glass, to enable clients to view your offerings. Height is important as well, as anything too high may prevent customers from making a comfortable business transaction. The desk should also have a storage compartment with lock, for securing checks and cash. In addition, choose a reception desk with a riser for holding your computer monitor, as well as a pull-out keyboard tray. Ample writing space is also important. 2. Styling/Shampoo Chairs Your wholesale package might include anywhere from 4-7 chairs. To decide the number of chairs you’ll need, consider the size of your styling area and how many clients you may have at any given time. Here are some features to look for in your styling chairs: A powder-coated chrome hydraulic base: The hydraulic pump system will allow you to easily adjust the chair height. The height should adjust to various sizes, to accommodate your clients as well as the individual heights of your stylists. Powder coating will prevent rust and corrosion. Synthetic or genuine leather materials: The choice is yours. Genuine leather will cost considerably more, but for high-end salons, this option offers the best aesthetics. Vinyl may be more practical, as it tends to hold up better under constant use. Vinyl is much easier to wipe clean as well. Footrests and arm rests: Be sure these are well padded for comfort. Lumbar support: All chairs should have cushioned back rests. Built-in massage and heat: Yes, you may find these options available for your styling chairs. While it is not the most practical for basic needs, a high-end spa might utilize this feature as an added luxury. Adjustable recline: This is a must for shampooing. Chairs that only recline to a 45 degree angle might be fine for use with a high basin. However, if your shampoo basins are low, consider chairs that recline to 20 degree angles. 3. Pedicure Spa Chairs You may only need two or three for a small salon, or several for a larger area. A padded vinyl or leather chair that sits on a wooden base is aesthetically pleasing and durable. The wood base might include storage space underneath to hold pedicure supplies. For ease of use, choose a model that does not require plumbing hook-ups. Some pedicure spas include...

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How To Create The Perfect Holiday Outdoor Hot Tub Party For Your Guests

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Just because the weather’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your outdoor hot tub for the holidays. Unless it snows uncontrollably or hits below freezing outside, you can still throw the perfect hot tub party for your friends and family. You just need to know how. Here are two things you can do to keep the outdoor area around your hot tub warm and toasty for your holiday party. Cover the Area with a Wind-proofed Gazebo You may want to cover the hot tub and the area around it with a windproof gazebo. This type of outdoor gazebo keeps wind and drizzling snow from blowing or falling on your hot tub and guests. But before you buy just any windproof gazebo, you need to look for one with specific features like these below: Comes with four strong legs and anchoring equipment – These features keep your gazebo from blowing away once the winds pick up. The anchoring equipment should be strong enough to support the weight of the gazebo on cement, or sturdy enough to penetrate the soil around your hot tub when placed on natural ground. Features thick material as the covering – The material that covers the sides of the gazebo should be thick and strong enough to withstand wind and snow. You may want to choose a gazebo for your hot tub party that covers 2-3 sides as added protection against the elements. Contains a vent on the top – You may have to shop around online or at your local home and gardening store to find a gazebo with this feature, but a vented product allows fresh air to come in to the area and smoke to leave it when you use an outdoor fireplace or heater. Once you find the perfect gazebo that keeps wind and snow out of the hot tub’s area, it’s time to get your outdoor fireplace. Warm Up the Party Area with an Outdoor Fireplace An outdoor fireplace can be a party-saver when it comes to your hot tub festivities. This type of heating appliance is ideal for keeping cold air at bay. It also creates a comfortable and safe environment around the hot tub. Your guests may feel safer because of the fireplace’s light. The fireplace you choose should operate with propane. Propane doesn’t give off harsh odors and it burns clean when you use it. These features help protect your guests while they enjoy the hot tub inside the gazebo. The natural fuel also lasts long, which works out great if you plan to stay up late with the party. You may want to order your fuel from a propane dealer near you to get the fuel faster. Most gas stations, hardware stores, and retailers with home and garden sections offer propane all year long. Otherwise, you can check out natural fuel suppliers online and order it that way. If you decide to order the fuel online, be sure to do so several weeks before your party. This gives it plenty of time to arrive in time for the holidays. Keep in mind that the fireplace’s surfaces can get hot enough start a fire, especially if it gets too close to the gazebo’s material. It’s best to place the fireplace in an area of...

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Planning A Destination Wedding In Las Vegas? Tips To Make It As Memorable As Possible

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Planning a wedding is exciting. If you’re planning a destination wedding, it can be overwhelming. As you finalize the plans for your Las Vegas getaway, consider some of the unique features that the city offers to make it a memorable occasion. Here are some tips to help you make your Las Vegas wedding the iconic and unforgettable event that you’ve dreamed of. Keep Everyone Together Las Vegas is a busy city, particularly on the strip. Since travel can be costly and time-consuming, you’ll want to make it easy for everyone by having all of your friends and family stay at the same resort. In fact, when it comes to the memories that you’ll make during your wedding, some of the best are likely to be the times you spend gathering at the pool or in the casinos. When everyone’s staying at the same resort, you have more opportunities to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate your nuptials. When you make the decision to have everyone stay on the same property, call ahead and see about booking a group rate. By booking in advance and in large numbers, you can secure a block of rooms in a resort on the strip at a volume discount. Book Early to Ensure Availability Las Vegas is a hotspot for vacations and the resorts book up fast. In addition, various rodeos, concerts and other events draw crowds and lead to sold-out hotels. As soon as you decide that you want a destination wedding in Las Vegas, you should book a block of rooms right away. This ensures that there’s availability for your family and friends to be there with you. Book a Suite With the popularity of weddings in Las Vegas, most resorts have unique suites dedicated to newlyweds. In many cases, these suites aren’t publicized as available for booking, so you’ll have to ask for them specifically. If you’re going to get married in a Las Vegas wedding, booking a honeymoon suite at one of the large resorts will make the experience more memorable. Plan Group Events to Celebrate Together Of all of the wedding destinations, Las Vegas is a prime area for group events. There are many experiences that you can all enjoy together in Las Vegas, including downtown zip-lines, helicopter tours, and more. Most of the resort facilities in Las Vegas can even help you work out group transportation to many of the popular tourist destinations. If you want to make a true destination experience of your Las Vegas wedding, this is the way to do it. Consider including an itinerary of the sites you plan to visit so that your loved ones can plan which destinations to visit. Choose a Venue as Unique as Your Relationship In addition to the traditional Elvis Chapel weddings at sites like, there are many other unique wedding options that you could consider in Las Vegas. Party Bus weddings involve gathering your entire wedding party and guests on a bus that travels the strip. Ghost town weddings occurring at destinations just outside of the Las Vegas city limits are also popular. There are also options for weddings in a helicopter circling the city or for a ceremony on a resort pool deck in the evening air. Consider your options carefully and choose a wedding...

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